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Best Transmission Repair Rates in Wilmington NC

“Best rates in town, quick service. Danny and staff are amazing!! Would definitely recommend for anyone in need of transmission work!!”
- A Google User

“Skilled, Honest, & Efficient. In brief, I cannot recommend these guys enough. Danny and his team know what they're doing and will take care of your car as if it were their own. Their rates are fair, turnaround time is more than reasonable, and, best of all, they have the knowledge, skill, and ability to accurately diagnose, repair, and rebuild what I consider to be one of the most complex mechanical components of any vehicle. My experience began when I lost 5th, 6th, and Reverse in my T56 without warning and had to find a local transmission shop fast. Seeing the positive reviews for Pro-Bilt, I gave Danny a call and am glad I did! He's very much a straight shooter and kept me in the loop throughout the entire repair/rebuild. I'm very particular about my vehicles, but never once did I have any concern about leaving my car with these guys. Finding a trustworthy, honest, skilled mechanic can be difficult; but trying to find a trustworthy, honest, skilled transmission expert can be near impossible! Without question, I found that with Danny and his team at Pro-Bilt and I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation.”
- Dave W.; Wilmington, NC

“We have had 3 wonderful experiences with the guys at Pro-Bilt. 1st a transmission slip led us there. The shop took the time to see what was wrong, showed my husband and explained it. Advised we needed a new transmission, but we could keep driving until it gave out or have it fixed (liked that there was no pressure for this rather expensive fix). We decided to have it fixed right away (no need to get stuck on the beach) and were given an estimate that was spot on. Excellent work, customer service and even a warranty with the work. Next visit was due to a clicking noise that showed up while in 4x4 on the beach, they pulled it apart inspected it while they could replicate the noise weren't 100% what it was so they recommended we wait a bit. WOW!, they could have told it was 1 of the 2 things we suspected and we would have fixed it. What honesty, plus they don't charge for the time and labor it takes them to diagnose. Third interaction was also great, needed a mechanic referral for another issue and they kindly referred one. These guys are great, honest and not trying to just make a buck. You can tell they take pride in being an honest fair and reliable transmission shop.”
- Knjwolfe W.

Don't even think about going to another Transmission shop

“The owner was super nice and got my transmission fixed in a day and a half. Another shop in town (who won't be named) was going to charge me twice as much. Don't even think about going anywhere else. These guys are the best!”
- A Google User, bishop23

“Danny's guys did great work, and he was always very responsive, very forthright about the issues, and did his best to save me as much money as possible. I'd recommend them highly!”
- Don Carbetta

“Fast and affordable. Everyone is really friendly here! Thanks for the help!”
- Jordan Bramble; Wilmington, NC

Service You Can Trust – Transmission Repair Work You Can Rely On

“All Around Amazing!!

What fantastic luck I had when I went to Pro-Bilt. There aren't enough kind words to describe how positive the experience was. Danny and his crew give mechanics a good name again!”
- Barb with the Volvo 

“Talent AND honesty!

Finally, someplace gives mechanics a GOOD name! They quickly diagnosed the problem and repaired the vehicle. They explained exactly what they did and were very respectful. No extras, didn't try to fix something else (a problem I had elsewhere). I can't say enough good about these people. Thanks!”
- kdawg

The transmission service labor costs are very reasonable

“I don't give 5's. And I rarely write reviews. Danny and his team rebuilt my transmission in a day and a half. I cannot imagine people are generally happy having to replace a transmission but Pro-Bilt will make the experience as painless as possible. The labor costs are very reasonable. I am not sure if you should expect as quick of a turnaround as I experienced, but I would definitely consider Pro-Bilt next time you need to shop for a transmission mechanic.”
- Andrew Tierney

“Very good service! I would definitely recommend!”
- Bebe Jones

“My transmission went out and I was without a vehicle. Didn't have a lot of money and was referred over by a friend. Danny not only fixed my car FAST, but worked with me on the price so I could get back to work! (Job requires a lot of driving) These guys are honest, fun and a talkative lot. Thanks for the help!”
- A Google User

The most honest businessman I have ever encountered

“Danny is the most honest businessman I have ever encountered. To find this in a mechanic is a rare gem. To make a long story short, the dealership quoted me $2,500 to $4,500 on a transmission problem that was not there. Danny put some lubricant in the transmission and told me to come get my car. WOW!l Really! That was it? Thank you so much Danny. You have all of my business from here on out! By the way, in the short time I got to know him, I found him to be a fun loving guy, someone you would want to hang out with.”
- Mo and Jackie

“I had my Ford F-250 (business truck) worked on by these guys almost a year ago. I had some other problems with it yesterday (not something they had fixed). I described the situation to Danny, the owner, and he was more than willing and able to talk me through diagnosing the problem, and even repairing it. It was something simple, and relatively cheap, but even after all the phone calls I made to this company, they never once said they were too busy to help. I give these guys kudos, with so many bad mechanics and con-artists out there just making a quick buck, I was relieved to find someone who actually cared. Thanks Danny!”
- A Google User

Honesty and Professionalism at its best. 

“My Nissan X had been diagnosed with a leaking engine main seal by another well-known auto repair shop who I've used for years, and they quoted me over $673.00 to repair. I got three other quotes from various other Auto repair shops in Wilmington all were between $550-$600. PRO-BUILT not only gave me one of the best quotes, but when I went by to visit Danny Porcelli, the owner, he was very friendly and professional with a great sense of humor. Also the Shop and personnel were above standard! I left my X to be repaired. Then to my surprise and delight, Danny's highly trained Auto Technician discovered the leak to only be a loose oil filter, and NOT the main seal. They tightened it up, cleaned it up and behold the leak stopped! Danny would not even let me pay him anything. Honesty and Professionalism at its best. Pro Built will definitely get my business in the future as well as my endorsement. Signed, Happy Customer.”
- A Google User

“These guys know what they're doing. They do a great job on all their work and do whatever they can to make sure that you're satisfied! I had some quotes on fixing some transmission cooler lines on my intrepid and they were around $500, turns out the lines just needed to be tightened. Danny and his guys did that for a very fair price and I didn't have to worry about anything going wrong. I had a transmission rebuilt and they did another amazing job and for a very fair price! Take any problems you have to these guys, they do great work!”

- A Google User

The best transmission shop in town I love the service and feel like family keep the good job guys

Majed Shannak— 5 star Face book review

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